Ninety-Nine pilots and a man ain’t one

original 99s infront of a plane

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I’ve just found the most wonderful group called the Ninety-Nines! Its an organization of women pilots that provides mentorship, scholarships and good old fashioned camaraderie.

It all started back in 1929, the same year women were allowed to participate in their first air race, and it was originally headed up by none other than Amelia Earhart herself. A collection of ninety-nine licensed female pilots came together for the mutual support and advancement of aviation and the rest is history. Today the Ninety-Nines is an international organization that even supports three online chapters for those that live in areas without a local chapter.

I contacted my local chapter, joined up right away, and have already spent a priceless day hanging out with another female pilot. She told me about the other members of my local group which include a national flying mentor (which can fast-track me to a commercial license), one trained in the space program (there were only 13 women in that program), and a family with three generations of female pilots (certified in every acronymn you can list). These groups do “fly-outs” to various points of interest, have the connections to tour airplane manufactoring plants and try out commercial flight simulators at hub airports, and are involved in every facet of aviation today.
I’m so excited to be part of this organization! Winning!

If you are a female aviator and don’t know about this organization yet, check them out at


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