A Follow Up: Company X Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a place I applied for a job called Company X. I knew I wasn’t excited to work there, but I had no idea how unenthusiastic I was until recently.

First I completely missed the first phone interview. [shrug] Then I rescheduled the second interview. A few hours before I was slated to show up it started snowing. (Texans drive like idiots in snow. I wasn’t ready to risk my life for this company.). When I did finally make it in, I managed to show up late. Not dramatically late, but after the appointed time.

A quick note about me: I’m NEVER late. If we were scheduled to meet for lunch at noon and I showed up at 12:02, I would be running, out of breath, and have a valid excuse for what held me up. I also NEVER miss scheduled appointments, forget to make phone calls, or cancel plans with less than 8 hours notice. But I did all of those things and somehow these people still want to interview me. Either I’m amazing, they’re desperate, or the people in my profession suck at punctuality.

So, with no nerves at all, I sat down for the second interview and skills assessment last weekend.

Seeing the building not under construction as it had been before really made a difference. This time there were marble floors, classical elevator music, people in suits, and large picture windows with panoramic views. I guess the windows had been blocked last time by construction tarps.

I still saw the same gray cubicles as before, but this time people were floating between them and carrying on conversations.

I was taken into a room with a giant window overlooking the city and asked to sign a confidentiality agreement about the screening process that would happen next.

The people were friendly and laid back. They were having a “craft day”…whatever that means. I did my darndest, but I actually left feeling like I might want to work there.

What?! Oh no, the process has begun! The laser beam has come for me!

The screening was a “let’s put you in the shoes of one of our employees and see how you fare” experience. It was completely new to me, and I hate to admit it, but it was kindof fun. Fun?! What am I saying!? Crap.

I’m told it will be four to six weeks before I hear anything. I would normally be anxious about it, but my ability to care if I got this job or not just started a few days ago.

Fingers crossed! No, uncrossed. No, crossed. No…wait…ya, ok, crossed.

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