The Job Hunt: Company X Part 3

The saga to get us from Texas to Oregon continues…tonight, the quest to find gainful employment in another state.

Let’s start with Company X. At the six week mark since my interview and skills assessment I contacted them about the progress of my application. I learned since it is a national company all of the assessments go to a national review board and my assessment is not back yet. They thanked me for my patience and assured me they would let me know the minute my results were in. After checking with some others in my field, this is completely normal for Company X and if they wanted to give me the shaft, I would probably know by now. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed on that one. If I get it, it will be in the Dallas office (2 hours one-way from my house), but hopefully I can transfer fairly swiftly to my new location with the company.

Even with all of the waiting, this is still going faster than the last job I applied for. I applied last August, phone interviewed in October, flew up there to interview in November and found that I had not gotten the job I interviewed for, but they would love to have me as a part-time employee for another position in their office in December.

I seem to be getting a lot of that. I have a growing list of part-time, no benefits, on-call type positions ready and waiting for me, but finding something with stability and health insurance eludes me still.

That brings us to the next interview I have lined up. This one seems to be moving fast. I applied less than two weeks ago and I have a Skype interview tonight. Having never done a Skype interview before, I spent most of yesterday watching tutorials and calling friends through Skype to ask about my outfit and background. After hours of collaboration, the only acceptable plan is for me to sit on my knees in a bar chair with a pressed sheet tacked up behind me, another sheet tacked onto the window to adjust the light of the setting sun and a blanket next to the microphone to reduce the echo. I know, super technical, but my friend in LA that works on movie sets assures me they do this stuff all the time to get the right look.

I’m feeling pretty good. Every application I’ve put out there has resulted in an invitation for an interview, but to be fair I’ve only applied for a few jobs directly in my field I am beyond qualified for. I’ve been slow since we haven’t been ready to move just yet, but starting next month if something hasn’t stuck I’m going to apply for 15 new positions a day.

So, tonight is a big night. I’ve researched the company, made plans to quarantine my partner and dogs in a bedroom, disabled my doorbell and silenced my cell. Let’s make some magic, people. There’s only one thing working against me now and that is that I have managed to schedule an eye appointment and an interview within a few hours of each other on the same day and didn’t realize it until it was too late to reschedule either. As long as the dilation wears off, this should be in the bag.

Finger’s crossed, everybody!

4 thoughts on “The Job Hunt: Company X Part 3

  1. If I understand this correctly. The company that is interviewing you is based in Oregon, then they totally understand folks with dilated eyes, most of them will probably be dilated too. No worries.


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