Salty Girl

This article is too cool. I had to reblog it!


“oh did you see this btw:”

A seemingly innocuous gchat from my best friend. We send links back and forth – gifs of mischievous animals and, recently, video links of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and ignorantly racist facebook posts about the ongoing protests in Baltimore.

This link–a buzzfeed article about “Salty Girls,” fashion photographer Ian Pettigrew’s latest attempts to shed light and support to others like him who live with Cystic Fibrosis–stopped me in my tracks, caused a couple tears to well up, and led me down an emotional and technological CF rabbit-hole of Alice in Wonderland proportions.

I am a CFer, a “Cyster,” a “Salty Girl.” I have salty skin, a bloated belly, a long, slanted meconium ileus scar across my abdomen. I have a chronic cough, I am sensitive to bacteria & disease, I do fairly extensive daily treatments to maintain my tenuously healthy lungs, and fuel my enzyme-impaired digestive system…

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