Bohemian Goes Square: Company X Part 4

It’s official folks. I finally heard back from Company X and they want to hire me! [insert gigantic sigh of relief]

I was beginning to get worried. Well, that is an understatement. After a few celebratory cocktails on New Year’s Eve last January my partner and I said we would do our best to find work in Oregon, but if nothing had panned out by mid-July, we were throwing caution to the wind and moving there anyway. We made it the official plan and announced it to everyone, even our employers.

Then, once the liquid courage wore off and the months wore on, it was starting to look like we were really going to have to move to Oregon without a plan. Even the promising Skype interview I had earlier this week doesn’t need their position filled until late September. I had resolved the first few months in Oregon would see me as a gas station attendant, retail employee or friendly bagger at the local grocer until I got my big break. Well, it looks like the break came just in time. This company has an office smack in the middle of Portland, the very city we were trying to relocate to!

But it’s corporate America, so of course, it’s not that simple. I have been hired on with a contingency. I’d be coming in as something of an intern and if I manage to impress them, I can stay and maybe even turn it into a full-time gig. I’m really not sure what their policy is for transferring to another office yet.

So far everything about the job is corporate, I was contacted from a company email that told me to contact a person I’ve never heard of about my new hire paperwork. I was then to contact the director at my regional office to figure out a training schedule. I suppose I will have to give up some of my corporate loathing to give this place a fair shot. Fortunately there are some perks to corporate America, like the pay scale. I had to do a double take. The starting pay as a probationary employee is close to three times what I make now.

I could get used to this.


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