Get ready to burn the boats

It has begun.

We listed our house for sale last Friday around 4 pm. We had no idea what was coming. We thought for sure it would be on the market for a couple weeks at best.

We were relieved to learn as we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary that we are still hot. Really hot.

In the first 24 hours it was on the market 27 showings were scheduled. By 4 pm Saturday our realtor told us we had broken the record for most showings in a day and the calls kept coming. By 2pm Sunday afternoon the realtor set a deadline to put in an offer. By 6pm Sunday we closed the house for viewings.

Tonight we will sit down and hear the details of each offer.

So far it’s a beautiful success story. All of that work we put into fixing up a broken down older home is about to pay off (pun intended). All of those nights we spent covered in dust and cement and paint. All of those vacation days I spent pulling muscles and hauling and hammering and sawing in the muck instead of laying on a beach. All of the scrapes and bruises and ruined clothing. All of those projects that kept us up all night, or without plumbing or AC or gas for weeks at a time. It’s all about to be worth it.

While the house selling has been a ride in the fast lane, the job front has been a veritable merry-go-round ride and I’m still stuck in the middle.

The job with Company X I thought I had that would transfer to Oregon is turning into a mess. A number of the people at the top of my local office have recently resigned and my main contact for training was out of town for weeks. For close to a month I had no communication with Company X despite six calls and two emails. Once I did hear from them the story had changed. Now they will only work with me if I can make certain weekdays available for my training. I revealed in the interview I was only available on weekends since I had a full time job and was told that would be no problem. Now, if I want this job, I’ll have to skip out early on my full-time job a few days. However, they said once my training was complete I would be able to transfer to the Portland office and my training schedule has me finishing mid-June.

Still, it is only part-time work with no benefits at a company I am not a huge fan of that doesn’t keep their word or answer the phone.

During the month I thought Company X fell off the planet I applied for another job in Oregon. Not just any job. A safety job. A job that would take me a step backwards in my career. A job I was so overqualified for in a town with so little to offer I knew I would get it. If nothing else worked out, I could do that job.

I was interviewed and a few weeks later I was dismissed. I didn’t even make it to the second round. The shock is still wearing off.

Panicked, I applied for a job as a secretary and I didn’t even score an interview.

I applied for another front desk, entry-level job.

Another rejection.

Rejections?! From safety jobs!?

Eighteen more applications I felt qualified to do in a variety of industries.

Eighteen more rejections.

Not to toot my own horn too much, but I turn down jobs left and right in my field in Texas. My reputation precedes me here. In Oregon I can’t even get a job answering phones and retrieving mail. No one knows my name there. I’m just some long-shot applicant from Texas HR made them consider for three seconds.

I am more than a little nervous about my job prospects…or lack thereof. But I am forging ahead because life is too short to wallow in safety and security, full of regrets. Something will work out. I’ll start my own company if I have to…and it’s looking like I just might.

Onward! To new shores and new adventures! Onward to new friends and new career paths (chosen or forced by lack of options). Onward to cleaner air and taller trees. Onward to a new home and a new life. Come what may, onward!


4 thoughts on “Get ready to burn the boats

  1. Don’t get discouraged; the reputation you spent years building in Texas may take time to build on the west coast, but you got that rep for a reason, right? You’ll build it up in Oregon eventually too. Word gets around. Good employees are hard to find. People like you don’t get stuck on the bottom rung of the economy for very long, even if burning the boats forces you to visit that island for a short while.


  2. Welcome to the world of a guy. Every average single guy in search of a date has to ask about one hundred women out on a date before they get a single yes. I wasn’t a average guy so I was closer to the one in a thousand type guy. But the deal is and there is no other way around this point. All you need is one to say yes.

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