The inspection that wouldn’t end

Last Friday the inspector came to pick apart our house, thus ending the fairy-tale, easy selling experience we were having. Here are the finer points:

The inspector scheduled a four hour block to do what we were told was a three hour inspection.

Then he arrived twenty minutes early.

My partner got our two dogs and cat out of the house for those four scheduled hours. When I got off of work, I met him and we waited the hour and a half necessary until the inspection time was over.

The inspection was set to end at 6:30, so we arrived back at the house at 6:35. Not only was the inspector not finished, the buyer was there too.

We decided their time was up, every second they stayed was more stuff to add to the report. Plus we were starving and ready to make dinner so we went ahead back into the house with all of the animals.

This should have been a cue for them to leave. They decided it was instead a great opportunity to interview us about the house.

Before we could get in the door and set down our stuff they introduced themselves and launched into an interrogation about the things the inspector had found.

Uncomfortably, we answered their first question truthfully and then excused ourselves to the back bedroom so they could wrap it up.

They still did not get the hint. Five minutes later the inspector knocked on the bedroom door and asked my partner to join them as they had some more questions.

Ten minutes after that he asked us to move our car because he hadn’t made it into the attic above the garage yet.

We were frustrated, starving, furious and unsure what to do (plus, that attic ladder overextends and he didn’t need to know that if we could prevent it). I frantically started texting local friends and asked if anyone could come over under the guise of a dinner party so they would leave. No one offered to come over. We were stuck. We put on a smile and complied.

As the inspector pulled the string for the light on his way out of our attic it broke. “Add that to my bill” he joked. This started suspicions in our minds. What else has he broken we don’t know about? Who doesn’t take five seconds to tie on another string to something they just broke with the buyer and seller standing right there watching you?

At 7 they finally got out of the house and chatted in the driveway.

Hindsight is always 50/50. I learned this morning we could have called the realtor and asked them to get them out before we got home. Although they seemed pretty deliberate about us crossing paths so they could ask us some questions and I think without anyone physically removing them, they wouldn’t have left until they could talk to us.

Everyone was friendly and gracious, but that is the most uncomfortable I have been in a long time. After the sale goes through and money has changed hands, I’ll sing like a canary about anything the buyer wants to know. Until then, leave me alone and get the hell out. Your time is up and this is still my house. How dare you corner us in it and take advantage of the situation you have put us in!

We have not heard a word from the buyer yet about concessions but the option period doesn’t end until this Wednesday.

I hope it was worth it to be friendly and accommodating to their completely unfair approach to home inspection.


3 thoughts on “The inspection that wouldn’t end

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