The Three Words That Changed Everything

Another beautiful post from one of my favorite bloggers. Encouraging. Therapeutic. Awakening.

Truth and Cake

Photo: Sachin Khona Photo: Sachin Khona.

Something’s been brewing out there. In the work I’ve been doing with my clients. In the world of social media. In the conversations with family and friends. In the atmosphere. People are waking up. They are wanting more. They are beginning to believe that they can have lives that are different from the ones they’ve been sold. Easy lives. Free lives. Rich lives. Lives full of love and purpose.

There’s something I say regularly when I’m coaching and it never fails to stop people in their tracks. I went through the fire to learn it. I travelled to Australia, California, England and Spain seeking the answer. I went night diving, drank plant medicine, holed up in a yurt, sank into grief, rose up, lit bonfires, trekked through nature, fell in love, lead a retreat, road-tripped, got messy, got brave and had a hundred conversations about it along…

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