Round Two in a “seller’s market”

First, thanks to everyone for the words of comfort you offered on the passing of our cat last weekend. Your kindness is deeply appreciated and your comments have helped me.

Now, an update on the house. We just lost buyer #5.

The first buyer was an older woman in constant emotional meltdown with a bullshit inspector (he found stuff in the house that wasn’t there – you can’t have a broken exhaust fan where there isn’t one installed) that spooked her out of buying the house on the last day of the option period.

The second buyer was a flaky couple that never could decide if they wanted it or not. Finally one of them wanted it, and then the other got back into town, discovered actions had happened without consulting them and killed the whole thing before we had a contract.

The third and fourth buyers were investors that came to the table with cash. We asked them if they would step up to the ballpark we had been playing in with the first two offers. One lowered the price $5k below listing, the other held firm at listing price. We had higher offers on the table, but it would mean a deal with financing.

Buyer #5 was a finance deal in our ballpark. It was another older, single woman who was bringing a hefty sum to put down in cash. When our realtor called her she asked to come see it again that night with her daughter. We were at my parents house visiting after burying our cat. We agreed, jumped in the car, drove an hour back, had thirty minutes to clean and stage it again and took our dogs to the park. This morning we got the call. Buyer #5 was out. Her daughter had convinced her something was terribly wrong with the house for so many buyers before them to walk away. Thanks a billion daughter with no freaking clue there was only one legitimate buyer in line in front of you under contract. You’ve been SO helpful.

"Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity...and I'm not so sure about the universe." picture of Albert Einstein

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I’m guessing the other five offers have moved on because our realtor recommended we re-list. So this afternoon once we get all of the dog nose prints off of the windows and all the dishes cleaned and toothbrushes tucked under the counters we will re-list and hope for the best.


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