A ship in the harbor

Everything is in motion. Each day brings more change.

Two days ago I took the moving box of toys and catnip I had packed for Gracie up to the local shelter to donate. I still can’t sleep in the bed without her so I have slept around the house for almost a week.

Yesterday we accepted a new offer on the house and signed a contract. Today inspector #2 arrives.

Today is also my last day of training at Company X which means I am ready to fill out paperwork to transfer to the Oregon office.

We feel like a ship in the harbor letting go of all that we must release, signing our letters of transit, and bolstering for the journey ahead. It might be premature of me but I think this might be the hardest part. This is the part where we have to look at our lives, our house, our jobs, our families, our friends, our comfort level, our finances and say for certain “we are doing this.” It is not too late to back out yet. Here in the harbor we are safe and well-fed and employed and sheltered and clothed.

ship sailing at night

Google images

It’s a deep, unpredictable sea out there. We have been brushed off by two realtors, rejected for job after job, and called “transplants” by the locals but we remain hopeful that there are good people there too. Those that cross oceans or countries must believe there is a better life ahead.

Ships are not built to stay in the harbor, and the stars will guide us Northwest whether a welcome mat is rolled out or not. Once we leave the harbor the decision is made, the journey begun, the adventure started. This part is about pushing out that last shred of doubt. About embracing the change and letting go of what anchors us here. About untying the ropes and throwing them back on the dock. Because ships are built for sailing. And in the next few weeks, come what may, we will leave the harbor.


2 thoughts on “A ship in the harbor

  1. I think it was the Captain of the Titanic that said. “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”or was it the movie where the Captain asked “What could possibly go wrong?” right
    before they hit the iceberg. I am not very good with nautical themed movies. Ha ha

    I wish you fair winds and calm seas in your voyage.

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