Movin’ on Up!

Sometimes things work out better than you could have expected. This is one of those times.

It only took a few hundred calls, but we finally found an apartment complex that would take our Doberman and Pit mix! We were so relieved, we didn’t even bother asking questions, we just put money down to hold it and thanked our lucky stars we wouldn’t have to embrace the gutter lifestyle. I’ve never done something so unplanned in my life. We just gave some apartment complex across the country $400 and a 10 month commitment and we don’t even know where it’s located, if it’s dilapidated, if it’s in a safe neighborhood, or if we just rented a unit previously lived in by a chain smoker.

But like I said, this is a story with an unbelievably happy ending. As soon as the application was sent, we started our research to evaluate what we had just done. We smiled and gave a sigh of relief when we learned the whole complex is a smoke-free facility. Our voices lifted with excitement when we found it’s across the street from a hospital! (If you were moving to a new climate with a CFer you would understand the great comfort of a hospital nearby.) We laughed with glee when Google Street View showed us a well-maintained complex with lots of green spaces and hoards of trees in a nice neighborhood. The happy dance started when we found it is across the street from a large park. The freak out dance began when we found the complex has two pools (one heated year round) and an extensive gym. To two people that have spent the better part of four years outside of work in dusty, paint-stained renovation clothing doing back-breaking labor, this place looks like living at a spa.

William Shatner "but wait there's more!"

Google images

Since Company X is so protective of their office locations, we didn’t learn until yesterday where the PDX office was. We now know that our new apartment is about three blocks from Company X!!!

This time next month I will be an Oregonian. I won’t have a lawn to mow. I won’t have a gutter system to finish. I won’t have a foundation to water. I won’t have overextended attic ladders. I won’t have a mortgage. In a month if something in my home breaks, I get to call someone else to take care of it. I will have time to swim. Time to explore the nearby coffee shops. Time to drive out to the beach for a day. Time to explore the mountains with our dogs. I will be working half the time and making twice the pay.

You guys. I can’t even. I don’t even know how to process this much joy. I am basking in the light at the end of the tunnel. I am walking…nay! strutting out of the abyss that has been home ownership.

Are there things still up in the air? Yes. We are waiting on the appraisal for our house and all of the financing to go through for our buyer. We still need a plan on health insurance since I won’t have it with my job anymore. We are pulling an all-nighter tonight to be ready for our estate sale this weekend. BUT, it’s going to work out. I’m learning to let go and see how wonderful things can turn out.

From here on out I’m going to be more optimistic. I’m not going to consume myself with all that could go wrong. I’m eagerly expecting things to work out spectacularly.


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