Squirrel crossing ahead

squirrel crossing the street

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Last night I experienced my first FaceTime interview with another company in Oregon. It was a job I applied for before everything had worked out with Company X and I figured there was no harm in giving myself options – this was a part-time job with benefits. Company X is a part-time job without benefits. It stands to reason I could split my time between both, but I should mention the job I interviewed for last night is two hours away from Portland. What can I say. I was getting desperate. I applied for everything I qualified for from Portland to Eugene.

I thought to myself, “only if the interview is amazing will I consider this job. This is a great opportunity to practice interviewing because I already have a job, so there is no need to feel desperate or nervous.”

And then – as you may have guessed – the interview was amazing. I loved the people. I loved what they were offering. I loved the direction the company was going. I loved the culture of the office. I loved the details I learned about the specific job I would be doing. My background perfectly fit the projects they were looking to do.

Well crap.

Now I am torn. If they offer me the job (and I’m told I will hear from them in the next week) do I turn down a good gig with health insurance my family really needs? Or do I realize the commute alone will knock out a good portion of my paycheck and sleep schedule and look for something else in Portland?

But wait, there’s more.

The fantastic (and only) apartment in Portland that accepts Dobermans still has not given us the stamp of approval on our application. We were told it was all but signed by the supervisor – they even gave us what would be our new address. We were supposed to hear from them by the end of the day yesterday.

Still nothing.

I browsed their website today to get dimensions and info about our new place and found a pet policy that said they only accepted one dog, under 70 lbs with breed restrictions. That’s a completely different story from what we were told. Have we been declined and that’s why we haven’t heard anything?

So we don’t have confirmation on a place in Portland yet…and if this job is that great, we could live in Eugene….even though the adult CF clinics are in Portland and there are more job opportunities in Portland and my partner doesn’t have a job yet…

But wait, there’s more.

Last May I did a phone interview with a company in Portland that went really well. They told me to call them when I got to town in July to set up a second interview in person. This is a full-time job with benefits and strict M-F, 8-5 hours. The current part-time, no benefits job I have at Company X wants me to work on the weekends…

But wait, there’s more.

We finally came to an agreement with buyer #6 to sell our house. It’s all looking good from here. The sign is out of the yard, the stager has been by to pick up all of her stuff, and the appraisal came back at the same number as the offer. But the closing date has been set for after our departure. We have been planning an amazing road trip up to Oregon that includes stops at Cadillac Ranch, an overnight stay in an earthship in New Mexico, camping at the Grand Canyon, a night in Las Vegas, and yurt camping along the coast. We pushed the deadline to leave back when the first buyer fell through. Apparently not back far enough. We asked them to move the closing up a few days and it was declined.

Now the plan is to stop at a bank somewhere along the way with a notary, sign and overnight the papers back to Texas, or cut the trip entirely so we’re here for the closing. My partner already has doctor’s appointments lined up in Portland following the schedule we had set with the trip that need to happen in July. If we stay we remove the uncertainties of signing extremely important papers at an unknown bank and wondering how we will get the funds. But staying in town until we close means we sign the papers, hand over the keys and jet to Oregon as fast as our Subaru will take us, cutting the soul-searching journey along the way we’ve been planning for a year.

So in a nutshell: I have a job, but if I do nothing else on the job front, my family will not have health insurance starting August 1. The job two hours away (if it is offered to me) will call me by the end of this week and want an answer. I am expecting to hear back from the apartment in Portland and sign a 10 month lease (their only option) at any moment. Plus, I already have a second job interview in Portland in two weeks. But that one is full-time, so it would mean giving up Company X – a job I already have and know I like but has no benefits.

Meanwhile we did great with the estate sale last weekend and until we make a decision and go we’re sleeping on an air mattress and eating off of paper plates with plastic utensils in an empty house.

I put in my notice a week ago and this Thursday at 5pm I will no longer be gainfully employed in the state of Texas.

It’s time to go. It’s just a matter of when…and what to do with the loose ends…and which city we’re ending in…this must be why squirrels stop one quarter of the way across the street and turn back, then dash to the middle and stop at the most inopportune times.


2 thoughts on “Squirrel crossing ahead

  1. Three thoughts.

    1. Fight the alligator that is closest first and worry about the one across the swamp later.

    2. When in a little boat in the big ocean in the middle of a storm. Take the first port, then check the weather. If you want a different port later, you can always leave the first port.

    3. In fifty years what are you going to better remember: A trip across country at max forward speed so you can make a self imposed time line work or will you remember the casual trip of a lifetime?

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