Squirrel Crosses Street

If you haven’t read my post on squirrel crossings, it will be necessary to understand this post.

As I suspected, I got a call from Eugene yesterday afternoon with a job offer. Once I began asking the kinds of questions you can only ask after an offer is on the table I learned the benefits were even better than I had hoped for, and the pay was less than half what I had expected. Oregon has a way of coding jobs that is different from what I have seen in Texas and I didn’t understand the job would gross half of the salary published in the job posting. They weren’t very forthcoming about it. I had to ask twice before I understood it and heard a specific number.

I talked it over with my partner and I slept on it, and try as I might, I just couldn’t justify living two hours from the adult CF clinics and the city we wanted for a job that wanted all of my weekdays flexible and available for what amounted to little more than minimum wage.

It will break my heart, but later today, after I am sure the apartment lease in Portland is signed and approved (aka that they really accept Dobermans), I will make the call and decline the offer.

We also made a decision about closing on the house. We’ve decided to take the soul-searching trip and close on the road. We are coordinating the date we leave with the date a moving pod will arrive in our driveway and the rest is the dust behind us.

So, in a little over a week we will arrive at a place in Portland we’ve never seen before and call it home. I will work part-time at Company X, and call the company that wants to bring me in for a second interview for a full-time position, and we will look to Obamacare as our new health insurance.

Today is my last day at the job I have held for seven years. An emotional day indeed. I didn’t bother wearing mascara.

Goodbye Texas.

Hello adventure.


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