The Journey has begun!

Hi everyone. The posts you get from me for the next week or two are going to be picture heavy. We are on the road, living life to the fullest on our way up to Oregon.

We were up all night packing and cleaning our house. We left four hours behind schedule, but got our pod and Subaru all packed up and were off!

We made it a whole hour before deciding we were too exhausted to drive. So we pulled over into a cemetery and took a nap.

Good thing we did, because it poured rain on us for the next few hours once we were back on the road.

Our dogs know the drill. Sleep in the car to pass the time. We stop periodically to give them potty breaks and dog park time.

Just outside of Amarillo we stopped at Cadillac Ranch. I’m not gunna lie. It was more of a Mad Max wasteland of litter than a scenic roadside attraction. But now we can say “been there, done that.”

  The plateaus leaving Texas, headed into New Mexico.
  In New Mexico we were greeted with another rain storm. The rain was so thick people pulled off of the road and waited for it to pass. But afterward we saw this beautiful rainbow, that later became a double rainbow.

For a while we couldn’t tell if it was day or night already. The sun kept playing tricks on us. But then it popped out of a canyon of clouds. New Mexico has some really strange weather. At one point we saw a long round cloud rotating like a drill above us.
  In New Mexico we stayed in an Earthship. These are really cool houses made from old tires and recycled glass. They are environmentally friendly and self-sustaining. Before my partner wasn’t so sure about a night in a house made of tires, but now, he’s a believer and we are thinking of building one as our next home.


We’re off to Durango tonight! More pics to come!

Yay! It’s finally happening!!!!!


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