Viva Las Vegas!

Or as my Dad likes to call it, Lost Wages.

We took the pups to walk the Vegas strip on a Friday night for a few hours and it was amazing. It’s a lot like Times Square because it fills all of your senses. Bright, flashing lights. Loud music at every place. Smells of every sort. New textures to every building facade. Every kind of food you can imagine.

And while Times Square has its share of characters, Vegas is teeming with young co-eds in the midst of a life event or crisis. Every corner hosts a drunk couple fighting or a bachelor party. Drunk hipsters abound too. You can find them bar hopping and “directing traffic” in the streets. Playing cards with pictures of naked women are scattered across the sidewalks and talented balloon artists create pole dancing themed hats.

But balance that with the beauty of the fountains at the Bellagio or the view from the glass encased bridges that cross the strip. Drunken patrons aside, it really is an amazing place to see at night.

No one seemed to mind the dogs. Here we are chillin’ at the Bellagio.


"Success will come from your plans" paper inside fortune cookie

I got this in a fortune cookie today. Feelin’ pretty lucky.


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