Lake Tahoe TV

If you’re ever in Lake Tahoe, find the local news channel. It’s hilarious.

This morning I clicked the tv on in our hotel room and was immediately greeted by a man who no longer gave a shit. And it was awesome.

He stepped on the screen in a short-sleeved, white checkered shirt and began the weather forecast with “I’m sick of hearing people talk about ‘if we ever get a winter again’ I say ‘shut the hell up!’ because we’re on track to get a winter comparable to ’97 this year.”

Another gem included:

“I know you’re probably looking at this show and thinking ‘is this a Saturday Night Live skit?’ No. This is the real news. Yes, it looks like a high school production meets Al Jazeera, but Al Jazeera has better lighting.”

The next segment was the traffic. A pleasant young woman attempted to convince us there were construction delays and mountain traffic while street cameras gave us shots of completely empty roadways all over the city.

Then we went to the live interview from the produce section at the local market. The market has been there for 18 years and most of the produce is grown locally. Wow. Big news.

Next was an interview with a businessman that did boat tours and parasailing. I kid you not, his name was Captain Ron.

At each segment there were cutaways back to the main fellow that had done the weather for reactionary shots. So it went something like this:

“well Steve, we take folks out 1,000 feet from the coast and then attach a parachute to them…”

[cutaway to Steve looking impressed…but in the goofiest way possible]

“…and then we pull them behind the boat and they go hundreds of feet in the air.”

And then there were the commercials.

An establishment called Naked Fish has the slogan “if it’s not naked, don’t eat it.”

This was followed by the marijuana commercial.

If you find yourself in Lake Tahoe on a Sunday morning, find your way to Lake Tahoe TV. You won’t be sorry.


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