We made it!

Today we arrived in Oregon.

But today was a big day for more than just that. Today I celebrated my 33rd birthday. Today we got the call the the buyers had signed, the loan was funded, and our house was officially sold. Today we got the call that my partner was approved for the new CPT vest that will allow him to do breathing treatments on the go instead of spend a few hours each day next to an outlet.

Tonight we celebrated. We swung by the grocery store and picked up salmon and chicken wrapped around asparagus and provolone, a cranberry walnut salad and a salted caramel cheesecake and drove to the Crystal Wood Lodge just north of Klamath Falls – a fantastic dog friendly lodge on a bluff in a meadow. There we met a great couple from the Bay Area and their dog. We spent the evening eating our gourmet meal, sipping Amaretto and learning about mushing from Liz, the inn keeper.

My amazing dinner.

Throughout this trip it hadn’t really hit me yet. In my mind I’m on vacation and in a few days I’ll drive back to Texas, unpack my stuff in my house and tell the girls at work what a great trip we’d had. It hadn’t clicked yet that this trip ends in Portland and we are staying this time. It hadn’t clicked that I am free from the House of Hell and the dreadful neighbors we used to have. It hadn’t clicked that the fresh air and clean water I’ve been enjoying are not temporal. In my mind I’m not on the journey of a lifetime. I’m just on vacation. I’m on a trip to Oregon, just as I was last summer.

But after tonight it is beginning to connect. After seeing the “welcome to Oregon” sign. After connecting with some people at the grocery store on what a great day today was (the woman behind me in the checkout line had just started a new job and was collecting a celebratory meal too, the woman in front of me was from Denver). After spending an evening on a porch with locals, drinking and talking late into the night. It’s so early. But it fits already.

I like this place.


4 thoughts on “We made it!

    • Thanks! So far everyone has been so friendly! The weather is another story. Our first night was “an uncommon” thunderstorm at Klamath Falls and our second day was a hail storm at Crater Lake. We’re not too spooked yet. Plus a woman in Florence welcomed us and begged us to consider living there. So far so good!


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