Day 2 at the coast

Currently we are homeless.

Our house in Texas sold and our apartment in Portland isn’t ready until later this week. So we are living out of our Subaru until then and it feels great.

Today we spent another day on the Oregon coast and it went something like this:

We have entered the land of hydrangeas. Everywhere you look there are giant bushes of them in every color. I didn’t even know hydrangea bushes could grow this big! This was in front of our hotel in Newport but we saw them all the way up the coast to Canon Beach where we stopped for the night. They are only allowed on furniture in hotel rooms. And they totally milk it.
The beach in Newport.

In Pacific City (and at the beach just north of Pacific City) you can drive out on the beach…and fly a kite…and have campfires…and do donuts…and chase seagulls.

…and chase frisbees.
  Are we a Subaru commercial or what?
  More beautiful scenery from Hwy 101.
Bicycles on Canon Beach.

The tide pools at Canon Beach.
Unwinding from a long day on the beaches.


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