I lived

There’s something wonderful about the open road. Even though the world is more globalized today and every town looks the same from the freeway, adventure still lurks in the shadows for those that brave the long and winding road.

We have arrived at our new home, and tonight I sit reflecting on the adventure it was getting up here. Here are some of the things that happened to me over the past ten days journeying the open road:

I left and sold the home I’d put four and a half years into making my own.

I visited the wasteland that is Cadillac Ranch.

I slept in an earthship (and consumed water from the wrong tap…all is well though).

I survived torrential rains in the desert.

I discovered and promptly consumed watermelon licorice.

I met all number of strange, strange folk.

I dangled my toes over the Grand Canyon.

I played fetch with my dog in Lake Tahoe.

I made love under the stars.

I got a sunburn.

I got a toenail fungus.

I lied to a border patrol agent about produce in my vehicle (you can have my out-of-state snack apples when you pry them out of my cold, dead hands. Friggin’ California!)

I coined the term “friggin’ California”…but I don’t say “friggin’…

I got a speeding ticket.

I lost and found a credit card in Reno.

I lost a pair of sandals somewhere along the way.

I drove over the Hoover Dam.

I took a Doberman through Caesar’s Palace…we became our own Vegas attraction.

I watched the fountain show at the Bellagio.

I rushed into the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

I got sand in my sleeping bag.

I slept in an 1880s Oregon homestead.

I acquired three new keepsake coffee mugs from three amazing places.

I tried my first Oregon moscato.

I ate my weight in dungenes crab and salmon on the coast.

I moved into a place sight unseen.

I checked off a few items common to many people’s bucket lists. I don’t have a bucket list though, and I don’t want one. I don’t want to wait until I am old and dying to finally live. Death sneaks up on many of us. Should it sneak up on me, I don’t want to have a list of what I missed. I only want it to be that while I was able, I lived.


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