The World Didn’t End

Since my last post things got worse, and then they got better. And now that they are better, I am ready to blog again.

First we learned the people I had the terrible dog incident with just before Thanksgiving were our next door neighbors – we share a bedroom wall. Then we learned they claimed one of my dogs bit the girl and filed a police report.

It didn’t add up.

They didn’t ask for my contact information that night. They didn’t mention anyone was hurt when I asked. They didn’t ask for shot records, or ask us to cover a doctor’s bill. The apartment manager explained that the girl said she had been bitten on the hand and it had broken the skin and everyone accepted it as truth. An insurance claim is still pending. A note has been added to our permanent file. And no one has come to me yet to ask if any of this story matches what I saw happen. How did the one person that took no part in breaking up the dogs get bitten? I asked for proof of the bite and was only given a sad expression from the manager with a hint of disapproval for asking.

For a few weeks we gasped each time the phone rang or a knock came at the door. Now more than a month has passed and we are breathing easier.

Absolutely nothing has happened.

We haven’t been contacted by the police, or told we have to move out or put a dog down. No news is good news, and as each day passes, more no news appears to mean we’re in the clear.

In the clear…that brings me to my next update: My husband doesn’t have TB! A student in the lab made a mistake and got a false positive (yay for teaching hospitals). Three more cultures were sent and three more TB tests were done that all came back negative.

Perhaps the best part (for me) is I will no longer have to greet a stranger in a duck mask at my front door before I’ve had a chance to brush my teeth or change out of pajamas. No more suffering through an unwelcome CDC rep going through our affects  asking questions like, “who plays the guitar?” and “where was this picture taken?” I never did, but I always wanted to respond “that picture was taken a the corner of not-your-business and give-him-the-pills-and-leave-already, and I’d be happy to play you a ballad called get-out-of-my-home-now-you’ve-made-me-late-for-work-again.” I’m not sure what came over me, but I HATED having the county force me to let these people into my home every morning to watch my husband take pills like a five-year-old and treat it like a social call.

So, what does he have? A non-TB mycobacterium with a difficult name to pronounce. If he were sitting next to me I would ask him how to spell it, but as it so happens, he is back at work right now. He tells me he has had this one once before and it takes about a year to treat, but its not a bad one.

The rains have stopped in Portland. Today the skies are blue and sunny. It was 32 straight days of rain before it ended, but it ended at last. It went out with a bang too, the final day of precipitation produced the first snow Portland has seen since early 2014.


The “viscous beats” terrorize the neighborhood in their thug gear.

And so, things are better here. The earth keeps turning, the clock keeps ticking. We have applied for a mortgage loan to buy a home up here. I have made contact with a new flight instructor. Little by little everything is getting back on course.


6 thoughts on “The World Didn’t End

  1. Glad to hear things are on the upswing. I love the whole doggy getup — the boots, overcoat, etc. I’m actually a little jealous. I’m in Phoenix right now — sans jacket, like an idiot — and it’s been between freezing and 50 degrees. Who says you have to be smart to be a pilot?? 🙂

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  2. Maybe you should have introduced the vicious dog to the “I cant find a job and I can’t teach heath care worker. Growling dogs, with a history of eating little children have a way of limiting conversation.

    Glad the detour through life is over and you can get on the expressway to your dreams.


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