Pilots are the coolest!

Hi everybody!

This is just a quick one about something that recently happened that made my whole day and reminded me how amazingly supportive pilots are as a community to each other.

Today mixed in with the usual junk mail and bills a card came in the mail. A hand written card from none other than my regional director of Company X – whom I have never met face to face, and only know of by name on very official-looking company emails.

It was a congratulatory card. Get this: the regional director of my company is a pilot that got wind of an interpreter somewhere in their multitude that recently took her first solo flight and took the time to sit down and write me some encouraging, congratulatory words by hand.

I had no idea this person was a pilot but I read their card, “I remember very well my first solo flight” and their encouragement “You have done what very few people will ever do!” and now I can’t wait for an excuse to find a company event where I might meet this faceless comrade!

Pilots really are the coolest.

Wish me luck, guys, my first cross-country night flight is tonight!


4 thoughts on “Pilots are the coolest!

    • Lol. I love flying at night…as long as I am not the pilot. So far I haven’t found two seconds to enjoy the stars or glowing cities without being interrupted by my sudden awareness that I totally lost my place, or my altitude, or my heading, or…etc.


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