These gremlins are good

Well folks, last night every channel on tv said the weather would be beautiful today excepting a slight chance of rain mid-afternoon.

So, naturally I woke to gray skies, low ceilings and gusty winds.

Not that it mattered much, the plane I was assigned today went down for maintenance and every other plane was reserved. These gremlins were so good, not only did I never leave the ground, I didn’t even make it to the airport before my plane went kaputz.

The weather is supposed to be bad for the rest of the week. (Not from the TV weather people who somehow can get it wrong 365 days a year and keep their jobs, but from actual weather reporting stations.)

I am scheduled for two more flights this week. I will keep you guys posted.


3 thoughts on “These gremlins are good

  1. Ah you are learning the number one rule to being a great pilot. The only time the weather man is right is when they look out the window. Everything else is just a guess. The only difference between the tv weather guy and the FAA weather guy is that the tv guy has a good voice and looks reasonably trustworthy. Don’t trust any of them. Just last night, we flew from Indy to Knoxville. The weather said no chance of rain or fog so there was no alternate and no extra gas. We added gas anyway because we used a little common sense, it was raining when we left and it was cool so the probability of low clouds was high. We broke out of the clouds about 100 feet above minimums. Don’t trust the weather man, ever!

    The second rule is that Air Traffic Controllers are controlling people by nature. They will tell you what they think you should do but you are the one that dies if they are wrong.

    Don’t ever fall into the trap of being misled by someone’s guess or another persons over controlling nature. You study the weather and you control your own airplane. So many lessons and they are coming fast for you now. I am excited for you and your adventure.


      • Yes, we pilots are a very superstitious bunch. I always carry my “lucky” pen. I have had it for three days and nothing bad has happened yet. Ha Ha.

        Most pilots don’t carry anything with them but we are creatures of habit meaning we always like to do the same things every time. I always do a before landing configuration check on every approach. I check for three green gear down lights, I check the flap setting and I hold up the left or right hand depending on the runway I think we are cleared to land on.

        Some people laugh and make fun of me but most just accept it as my quirk. It is something I picked up a long time ago when I first started flying retractable gear aircraft. I have kept it since.

        I am sure your IP is teaching you some good habits that you will carry forward.


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