Even more pics from GIFT week!

We worked hard this week and have lots of good progress to report. A number of girls passed their written exam, more will take the test soon.

There are three newly certified pilots as a result of GIFT this year.

This is Brenda, who flew in from Mexico to earn her commercial license (covered in silly string, per tradition).

This is Cameron from California who earned her private.

And yours truly, as of today a private pilot!


9 thoughts on “Even more pics from GIFT week!

    • Not to worry, a full post about the check ride is coming soon. GIFT is structured to where women come at all stages and ratings and there are CFIs available to help. There was a woman there working on her instrument rating. There is no formal structure, just girls with ambition and people available to help. So in short, yes, a girl could go to GIFT to earn an instrument rating.


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