A year later

Dear me, has it been a year since I last updated you guys on Oregon?!

A thousand apologies.

I am happy to report things have turned up for us once again. We decided after the House of Hell we would find a place with the least amount of responsibility possible and bought a recently remodeled condo in a suburb just outside of the city. We’ve been here 9 months and have found a farmer’s market two streets over, a library we can walk to, a large park for the dogs up the street, and we’re along the route for a fairly impressive annual community parade. As part of a condo association, we pay fees for other people to worry about the siding and the beautiful grounds around the units and the creek that runs through it. There is a fenced yard…perhaps I should call it a garden (I mow it in 2 minutes with a push mower), and a garage and it’s officially my first domicile with stairs. It might be silly, but I’ve always wanted to live in a place with stairs. In short, we love it.

I have also learned that once we move from here, I’m good on stairs for life. It has improved my planning skills [“ok, I’m headed downstairs for the day, where’s my going-downstairs-for-the-day checklist?”]. Even so, it never fails I get downstairs and realize I have to go back up for a hair pin or a laptop power cord. In related news I’m super proud of my little haunches after all of the stair exercises I do daily.

On the community front, we have finally created a web of friends. It’s snowballing into a glorious village. Oregon has started to feel like home. So much so the idea of going back to Texas feels a little like a chore. People ask me if I miss it…I really don’t. I miss some people that are in Texas, sure, but Texas itself? No. When you have a Pacific wonderland to explore and a new friend and a new experience around every corner, why would you long to go back to a place full of scorched, prickly things where everyone your age is consumed in raising kids? Forgive me, Texas, that might have been a little too harsh, but it was my truth and my experience. This place feels full of possibilities. Every season is beautiful. Every person is an adventurer. My list of new things to try is ever expanding – new foods, new places to venture, new sports, new ciders, new bike gadgets. Oregon has been a place of inspiration for me and I’m loving the group of friends I am collecting.

As always, there is change on the horizon. My partner and I are both looking into new jobs. His current position was always intended as a stepping stone, and I am learning my job at Company X is great, but not sustainable for the rest of my life as anything more than a part-time gig. We saw the writing on the wall, reviewed our finances, and are jumping off the cliff into the winds of change again to see where we land.



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